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Warm hugs from the Karel fans in the land way down under!  It is winter / night time down here.  Some days it is warm enough to venture out, most of the time we do not.

We suspect you rarely have an opportunity to be without noise.  Between cars, trucks, airplanes. music players, and the bustle of city life you probably do not experience silence that often.

When the wind is not blowing, the silence is wonderful.  Complete silence.  You can hear yourself .. hear your heart beat .. hear your thoughts, etc.  Sometimes we take turns when it is warm enough to suit up, go outside, sit on a chair and just enjoy being alive.  No TV.  No radio.  No phone.  No Internet.  No Email.  Just life!

When we do get vacations once in a while and venture up north off the continent.  When we do, our noses are assaulted by smells.  When we fly into a place like South America or Australia: as we fly into an airport we smell the petroleum in the air. After a few days our noses become customized to living in a petrol world and we no longer smell it. But for the first few days it is very notable.  Makes us wonder what dogs think of that air.

Speaking personally one thing I do when I return is find a greenhouse arboretum and sit in the middle of green plants. There are no plants in the middle of Antarctica.  Nothing living in the interiors of Antartica except us crazy humans.  So at the start of vacation, I find myself reaching out and touching trees, flowers, grass, etc.  Flowers are really powerful smell producers, especially in the evening.  Your Antarctic nose becomes super sensitive living down here because there is really not much that emits a smell. Sitting inside an arboretum when I return seems like a magical experience.

Warm hugs!

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I will be acting in a world premiere of a play called YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE. It opens on April 19th and closes on April 28th. If you are a BAY AREA (SF) person, come on out to see it! I think it's going to be great!

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Brick Walls and Toothaches…

That could be the title of my new Vegas life…because it’s day by day and that’s what today is all about.

So much has changed so quickly, everything, I’m literally a new person in new clothes. A Vegan. 85 pounds lighter. No prescription medications. Managing the sometimes intense back pain with exercise, rest, Tylenol, rest, walking, Ember. And trying to restart a new life because I truly ended life and I knew it California on February 6, 2018, when I sold my family home of 21 years, in a city of over 43, and moved away to a town I never even really liked, Las Vegas.

Yet, here I am. Running in the sun with Ember at Peccole Ranch or Desert Breeze Park. Freezing on the Piaggio MP3 500 but having a blast as we scoot around in the frigid desert air of January, February,

How is this possible? Today I get my Nevada Driver’s License, I register my new Piaggio MP3 for the first time ever, in Nevada, and tomorrow Ember gets a new license. Contractors are working at Maison Bouley, my new condo, I’m sitting in the Lakes at a friend’s house and bam! Toothache.

So, 3pm, off to Desert Inn Smiles and hopeful relief. So grateful I can go.

I was going to go to Daltile and give up on my dream of brick in my new condo until I remembered I’m Karel, and I have a radio and TV show and publicity to offer a company I believe in. I believe in Thin Brick. I think it’s a very cool way to bring stone in to the home, and stone is real, permanent. There’s nothing like stone in a home. Brick. Slate. Marble. It speaks to something primal. 

And I wasn’t going to have mine because of $. I’ve gone over budget in so much as the move took more, there were title problems with ridiculous lawyering where I simply walked away from 20k, letting a lawyer that didn’t deserve it get it…lesson learned…lots of Le$$ons Learned. But, I have no debt as of this moment, my condo is paid for, I have the deed. That’s odd, too. But I’ve called a few companies and said I believe in your product, I would like to feature on my TV show, can we work out a deal. We’ll see. These deals were done at KFI and KGO all the time. Hell, they’d throw stuff at us, have this, have that, just for mentions. Now, not so much. But I do have you, my following, so, let’s see.

Happiness is odd. So, the universe said, have a toothache. Spend more $ you wanted to save. But I’m happy to go, glad I can. So many times I’d wait until…what? Until the pain just stopped. 

Happiness is new. It’s odd. So, have a toothache.

OK. But The DMV First. So, welcome to the closest thing to Hell in Las Vegas. DMV then Dentist. If today goes well, this city will have my heart.

Let's hope you try again!
Karel Mar 22