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Runa Apr 18

Interested in expanding pallet?
I was hand writing JP recipe book for Karel but why not share here?

Japanese people live longest healthiest lives on average and their food is a big part.
It's mostly vegan or easy to vegan-ify(is that a word? I'm Japanese. I don't know. Tell me!)

In old chat room people asked me about my country's food so I make thread so the knowledge is available again. 

I use metric and ratio since Japanese food can easily scale. 

Looking forward to seeing your photos of making foods :)
Runa Apr 18
"Dashi" is a broth that is the base of just about all dishes. Main types are kelp and katsuo.
Katsuo is a fish. Smoking and drying the fish then shaving the rock hard fillet makesa unique quintessential Japanese flavor. 

The best vegan alternative I know of is using dried shiitake mushroom broth with a little black sugar and sake.  

How to make kelp dashi. 
Use 10-20g of dried kelp. Best from Hidaka, Rausu or other parts of Hokkaido. Sanriku is good too.
1000 ml of water.

Make a few grooves into the kelp to increase surface area.

Optional prep: soak kelp in water for 3 hours. That gets most flavor out.

Put water and kelp in pan.
Slowly bring to boil over 30 minutes. Once the water fully boils remove kelp from pot and remove pot from stove.


This is basis of almost all other foods.