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Randall May 6
The DNA has been in the news lately after the police arrrested a guy for a cold case murder using public access GEDmatch, this general  topic is one I'm familiar with since last May I used both 23andme and Ancestry to see if I could find my bio family. With the help of a Facebook search volunteer she found my 76 year old mom through Ancestry, even though mom didn't take the DNA test- she had a little family tree up there though, and an ancestor matched up to me by a process of elimination and detective work finding birth/death dates and locations!

With mom came a half brother I never knew I had, and some cousins, while the Ancestry system connected me to several more cousins.
I learned from mom that all these years later she still kept up contact with my father!  unfortunately father, and another half brother I didn't know about, but who is on father's side of the tree- both don't want to contact me, but the Ancestry system and some work on my part found several late relatives' details on his side.
I learned all the details from mom about everything, and learned a few things I was told as a kid were wrong too, I was told I was 100% Italian... WRONG! I was told mom was planning to get an abortion... WRONG! in fact mom became a virtual prisoner in her home when she was "showing" because back in those days that's how it was if you were not married and very young too.

I got to Google street view all the houses mom lived in and hear the stories, it's been great!