I rescued an Opossum late Friday nite in Berkeley. She had been hit by a car and left in the middle of the street. I fell in love with her immediately....she was so brave. I was able to get her into a box and, after 15 phone calls, was able to meet Ruth in San Rafael. She is with Marine Humane and came down from Novato to pick up Squiggy, yes, I named her. Ruth took her to Wild Care and I found out the next day that she had babies in her pouch. She was comfortable and not in pain, but they did not yet know the extent of her injuries. I later found out that instead of a skull fracture, her skull had been split completely in half. She was such a brave little creature, but they couldn’t save her. There is special place in Hell for Bastards like the one who ran over her head and did not stop. I’m very grateful that she was not in pain and was warm and safe during her last two days on earth. And wherever she and her babies are now, I hope they’re happy, and I’m happy that I was able to help her....such a sweet little creature. And....Marine County has a Foster program for Opossums. can’t get Rabies from an Opossum because their core temperature is too low for the Virus to be able to survive. I learned a lot that nite and I’m also very grateful that I was able to help Squiggy get the care and comfort she so badly needed.